Hyosung Chairman expands AI-based real-time speech recognition business

Hyosung ITX (KRX: 094280) signed a CS infrastructure development contract with CJ Hello and built “xtrmSolution,” a system to assist a customer contact center with real-time speech recognition technology, the company said.

xtrmSolution is an AI-based service to help call center agents provide proper answers to enquiries from consumers by performing real-time voice recognition and analysis of conversations with customers.

This solution converts recorded audio of customer interactions into texts, analyses them by using text analytics and feeds back the analysis results to the center. It rapidly grasps audio waveforms, such as the volume level for the voices, tones and the velocity of sound, and helps call center agents respond to customer requests quickly.

Hyosung ITX, acquired by Hyosung Chairman Cho in 2001, is being renewed as an IT specialist company to lead in the age of the fourth Industrial Revolution by growing its existing customer-service BPO (business process outsourcing) operation, accelerating the sales of storage and security solutions and implementing more system integration (SI) projects.