Hutch chooses Aegis to provide telecom BPM for Sri Lanka

Aegis Limited said it has entered into a strategic relationship with Hutch Sri Lanka to provide customer lifecycle management across Sri Lanka.

Under the terms of the new contract, Aegis will provide a comprehensive spectrum of Telecom BPM solutions to Hutch including seamless multi-lingual customer experience management.

The carve-out transaction includes transfer of customer management operations from Hutch facilities in Sri Lanka to Aegis´ customer experience center in Colombo. This engagement would also require Aegis to rebadge the existing Telecom business unit covering over 65 employees across its BPM operations in Sri Lanka.

This engagement further strengthens Aegis´ partnership with Hutch Sri Lanka, as the company has been managing documentation, automation and digitizing services of its new subscriber applications for over two years. By outsourcing specialized functions of this nature, Hutch not only enjoys substantial cost savings through economies of scale, as a result it also allows the organization to channel more of its resources on its core business.

Aegis is a global outsourcing and technology services company that has operations in 43 locations across nine countries with more than 40,000 employees.