Hurricane Electric Opens Third Location in Poland

Hurricane Electric, the world´s largest IPv6-native Internet backbone, has announced that it has added a Point of Presence (PoP) in Poland at Quicktel´s 4 Data Center Katowice, a carrier neutral data center in Southern Poland providing customers with a highly resilient power and cooling infrastructure and sophisticated security and monitoring systems, the company said.

This PoP, located at 7 Adamskiego Katowice 40-069, is Hurricane Electric´s third in Poland.

With Katowice being an epicenter of business and trade, and the 16th most economically powerful city in the European Union as measured by GDP, the new PoP will provide additional high-speed connectivity options for other networks and local Internet providers, as well as customers in the data center. According to a recent report, The Katowice Special Economic Zone (KSEZ) was ranked one of the world´s best economic zones.

Customers of 4 Data Center and those in and near Katowice now have a variety of new connectivity options and access to Hurricane Electric´s extensive IPv4 and IPv6 network through 100GE (100 Gigabit Ethernet), 10GE (10 Gigabit Ethernet) and GigE (1 Gigabit Ethernet) ports. Additionally, customers are able to exchange IP traffic with Hurricane Electric´s vast global network, which offers over 20,000 BGP sessions with over 7,800 different networks via more than 250 major exchange points and thousands of customer and private peering ports.

Hurricane Electric operates its own global IPv4 and IPv6 network and is considered the largest IPv6 backbone in the world. Within its global network, Hurricane Electric is connected more than 250 major exchange points and exchanges traffic directly with more than 7,800 different networks. Employing a resilient fiber-optic topology, Hurricane Electric has five redundant 100G paths crossing North America, four separate 100G paths between the US and Europe, and 100G rings in Europe and Asia. Hurricane also has a ring around Africa, three PoPs in Australia and a PoP in Aukland, NZ. Hurricane Electric offers IPv4 and IPv6 transit solutions over the same connection. Connection speeds available include 100GE (100 gigabits/second), 10GE, and gigabit ethernet.