Hurricane Electric, Lamda Hellix to Bring High-speed Connectivity to Athens, Greece

Lamda Hellix and Hurricane has announced that Hurricane Electric, the world´s largest IPv6-native Internet backbone, has added a new point of presence (PoP) at Athens Data Center Campus located at the outskirts of Athens, Greece, the company said.

Hurricane Electric´s PoP in Lamda Hellix Data Center Campus is their first and only PoP in Greece. It will provide enterprises and residential IP providers with high-speed connectivity, load balancing and congestion management in the delivery of next-generation IP connectivity services.

Lamda Hellix customers will have access to a variety of new connectivity options and access to Hurricane Electric´s extensive IPv4 and IPv6 network through 100GE (100 Gigabit Ethernet), 10GE (10 Gigabit Ethernet) and GigE (1 Gigabit Ethernet) ports. Additionally, customers at the facility are able to exchange IP traffic with Hurricane Electric´s vast global network, which offers over 20,000 BGP sessions with over 7,500 different networks via more than 200 major exchange points and thousands of customers and private peering ports.

Hurricane Electric operates its own global IPv4 and IPv6 network and is considered the largest IPv6 backbone in the world. Within its global network, Hurricane Electric is connected to over 200 major exchange points and exchanges traffic directly with more than 7,500 different networks.
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Lamda Hellix provides data center services that allow enterprises and Telcos increase the safety and availability of their mission-critical applications, while maintaining same autonomy and independence as with fully owned infrastructure. Lamda Hellix has developed world-class data center facilities and services for the hosting of main or disaster recovery centers and points of presence of large private and public organizations as well as service providers in South Eastern Europe.