HTC Vive partners with Leke VR

Smart mobile and virtual reality (VR) technology provider HTC Corporation (“HTC”) has launched Viveport Arcade, a location-based entertainment platform for virtual reality, the company said.

The first batch of exclusive Viveport Arcade content will be available on Leke VR´s VRLe platform.

Viveport Arcade constitutes an important pillar in the Viveport family as its offline edition, and also plays an essential part of Vive´s developer support program to create more monetization opportunities for developers. With this launch, Vive tackles the major challenge faced by experience stores to offer diverse high-quality VR content and provides them a path to upgrading their VR experience, thus creating more cash flow for content developers.

With this strategic partnership, Vive and Leke VR extend the scope and depth of their cooperation, which was originally focused on Vive´s hardware products. The two parties will fully utilize their respective advantages to jointly promote the development of the VR offline experience store market. Viveport Arcade VR content will be available in all of Leke VR´s offline experience stores through the VRLe platform, while Vive will be in charge of operations management and market support for the content in order to ensure an optimized VR experience for consumers. The partnership also stipulates that different feature content will be recommended to offline users each season, multiplying the cash flow for content developers.

Viveport Arcade is Vive´s proprietary content management and distribution platform serving offline experience stores. The program calculates billing by duration of play, ensures accurate revenue allocation between operators and developers, and effectively manages VR content and control charges in today´s market environment. Viveport Arcade aims to create more diverse profit models and wider user channels for developers in addition to helping them distribute content that can monetize well in arcades; types of support offered include expert guidance and potential investment in partnerships that target the development of unique experiences. More importantly, the most high-quality content available on Viveport Arcade cannot be found online, effectively preventing piracy and infringement and providing a safer and more reliable user experience.

HTC has been consistently active in promoting the robust development of the VR industry, with its global team announcing in April the landmark Vive X accelerator program. The accelerator kicked off in August of this year in Taipei, San Francisco, Beijing and Shenzhen; applications for the second round will open on December 1st. All interested teams are invited to apply on

HTC Corporation has produced award-winning products and industry firsts since its inception in 1997, including HTC One and HTC Desire lines of smartphones, and is now leading the VR industry with the Vive line of products.