HTC gathers VCs to form USD10bn VR-focused investor consortium

HTC Corporation has formed the Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance, a consortium of 28 venture capital firms that invest in the VR industry, the company said.

The VRVCA members together represent well over USD10 billion of investible capital aimed at supporting true innovation and accelerating growth in the VR industry globally.

HTC has been driving the development of a healthy VR ecosystem leading to long-term sustained growth of the industry as a whole. The HTC led Asia Pacific Virtual Reality Alliance, comprising the top players in the VR industry, was formed for this purpose.

Vive X and VRVCA-invested startups have access to the unique go-to-market platform, Vive Port, HTC´s VR application store. Vive Port has been available to Chinese users for two months and has launched approximately 100 VR titles.

HTC is a pioneer in smart technologies and virtual reality devices and technology. The company has produced HTC One and HTC Desire lines of smartphones, and is now in the VR industry with the Vive line of products.