HPWREN, Seismic Warning Systems pioneer earthquake notifications for Californians

UC San Diego-based High-Performance Wireless and Research Education Network (HPWREN) and Seismic Warning Systems said they are collaborating to better deliver earthquake warning notifications to Californians where they live, learn and work.

The program will enable Seismic Warning Systems to leverage HPWREN´s high-speed wireless data transmission network to relay immediate earthquake notifications from its Regional Earthquake Warning Systems to first responders, critical infrastructures, families, schools and more.

The Seismic Warning Systems´ QuakeGuard solution is designed to give everyone the maximum amount of warning time possible and can automatically shut down vulnerable commercial, residential, industrial and government infrastructure to prevent damage and loss of life.

The High-Performance Wireless Research and Education Network (HPWREN) is a collaborative project between the San Diego Supercomputer Center and Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the UC San Diego. HPWREN functions as an Internet-connected cyberinfrastructure for research, education and public safety activities. The project supports a fixed wireless data network in San Diego, Riverside and Imperial counties. The network comprises fixed wireless links using backbone nodes, typically on mountain tops, to connect often hard-to-reach areas in remote environments.

Founded in 2000, Seismic Warning Systems has been providing systems and services for early seismic detection and automated system response to commercial, industrial and government customers for fifteen years. Seismic Warning Systems Senior Management, inclusive of Founder/CEO, George Dickson, has been serving on the Governor´s Office of Emergency Services Statewide Earthquake Warning Working Group to help provide direction and options for the fulfillment of Statewide Earthquake Warning solutions via Public Private Partnerships.