Hozpitality offers network of hospital companies with new platform

UAE-based Hozpitality Group has announced the re-launch of its new hospitality platform to offer a community network of hospitality companies, the company said.

Hozpitality Group is bringing in an enhanced platform that includes, jobs, companies, institutes, courses, alumni pages, events, global hospitality suppliers and a marketplace. The website will also have sections for News announcements, promotions, and deals. This will also have a full-fledged professional network for hospitality professionals around the globe. “

Hozpitality Group specializes in matching top candidates with attractive opportunities. Candidates who are interested in positions with hotel companies restaurants, airlines, night clubs, cruise lines, retail stores, or other positions in the UAE and beyond can also use Hozpitality.com to keep up with the latest industry news and information, as well as customize their CVs with the site´s professional design services.