Howard County, Indiana selects ATLAS P25 phase 2 system

EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. and J&K Communications, Inc. have signed a contract with Howard County, Indiana to install an ATLAS P25 phase 2 trunked simulcast system in Indiana, the companies said.

EFJohnson´s ATLAS P25 critical communications system will provide county-wide coverage for over 30 public departments.

The company´s coreless technology will protect Howard County against system failures.

EFJohnson´s local partner, J&K Communications will build two additional towers to improve mobile and portable coverage across the county.

EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. is an independent subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD Corporation, headquartered in Irving, Texas. The company focuses on innovating, developing and marketing the highest quality secure communications solutions to organizations that include first responders in public safety and public service, the federal government and industrial organizations.