How to raise money as a small business by trading in your old tech

Struggling to manage your small business’s cash flow? You’re not alone. Cash flow problems are a common problem for small businesses — in fact, they’re responsible for one in four small business failures.

There are several ways to raise money as a small business. You can use a line of credit to get cash when you need it and pay it back when revenue is stronger. You can also take out a small business loan to provide a lump sum of cash that you can use to fuel growth.

Unfortunately, both of these options are often out of reach for small businesses, particularly new businesses without a strong credit history.

Luckily, there’s an alternative way to finance your small business’s growth and operation. When it comes time to upgrade your laptops, phones, office equipment and other digital devices, you can raise money by trading in your old tech.

How much is your old tech worth?

Laptops, smartphones and other digital devices can from new to old very quickly. If your small business is strongly dependent on technology, having the latest gear can produce measurable benefits for your productivity, work output and bottom line.

Most small businesses set their old technology aside, often as a result of security and privacy concerns. However, you can safely and securely sell your old computers and other tech gear and raise interest-free cash for your business in the process.

If you’re replacing several computers at once, trading in your old tech could produce hundreds or thousands of pounds in cash. As a growth-focused business, this can be hugely valuable for helping you increase customer activity, fuel your sales pipeline and generate more revenue.

It also reduces the cost of upgrading your office, letting you enjoy all of the productivity of new technology without the usual price tag.

At Sell My Laptop, we buy broken laptops in three easy steps. The process begins with an online quote, after which you can send in your used laptop for free and get paid within 48 hours of our team receiving it.

Since your data is completely wiped, there are no privacy or data security risks. In fact, our team uses Ministry of Defence standards to ensure your laptop’s contents are completely cleared and no data is left for the next user.

As well as working computer equipment, we buy broken laptops that can repaired or used as a source of working parts. As a general rule, the newer and more powerful your laptop, the more you can expect to receive by sending it to our team.

Calculate how much you can earn

Interested in learning how much money you can raise by trading in your old tech? You can see your used laptop’s exact value by choosing its brand and entering the technical specifications, functionality and condition into our online calculator.

After you’ve received a quote, you can send in your device for free, letting you move through the sales process and get paid for your old office technology without having to spend any time away from your normal work schedule.

The end result is valuable cash for your small business to grow, all without the inconvenience or wasted time of listing your laptops for sale online or letting them sit unused inside your office.