How To Properly Welcome Employees Into A New Job

The way you welcome an employee into a new job can be the deciding factor in whether they choose to stick around. Making a new employee feel comfortable in their new position will not only make them feel valued, but also ensure that the company’s reputation remains positive. Many employers fail to recognise what it means to make new employees feel welcome and appreciated and instead they focus on training, tours of the premises, and the introduction to existing staff. Although all of these are vital parts of bringing a new employee into a company, they rarely lead to the new staff member feeling appreciated or truly welcome. Here are some tips on things to consider when welcoming employees into a new role:

Staff Introductions
A proper staff induction is obviously a huge part of the welcome process and a way of making a good first impression. There are ways however to make it less intimidating. There’s usually a lot to take in during the first few weeks of a new job, therefore it is important to try and make this easier for your new employee. Remembering names of staff members can be tough, so consider providing the new employee with a file that includes all of the names, roles, and photos of other staff members. This will avoid any embarrassment that comes with remembering names, and help the new employee feel more confident about integrating into the company.

Learn To Tailor Your Approach
Many employees can feel like they are simply ‘numbers’ to a company, which leads to them feeling under-appreciated and misunderstood. To help an employee feel more welcome, it’s a good idea to tailor your approach to meet their needs and suit their personality. Getting to know the new employee on a personal level will help to determine how to get the most out of them as a worker, and make them feel more appreciated. For example, some employees may learn better through visual methods like presentations and training manuals, while others may prefer learning with a more hands-on approach.

Provide New Equipment
Showing a new employee to a desk filled with second-hand stationary supplies is not a very welcoming move. Ensure the area is also clean and tidy, and if the desk and chair are old and well used, consider providing them with a new one. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend a lot of money, you can provide them with cheap office supplies. The goal is to provide a welcoming workspace will help a new employee settle into the role.

Include Them In Social Events
A big part of an employee feeling like a valued member of the team is the bond they feel with their colleagues. This means you should invite the new employee to immerse themselves in the culture of the company. A good way of doing this is through social events and activities which bring the team together in a less formal environment where people can act themselves. For example, if it is commonplace for a number of employees to go for a drink after work on a Friday, then let the new employee know this. The better the bond the new employee makes with existing employees outside of work, the better they will work together during work hours.

A key part in making an employee feel valued is to provide perks with the role. This could be as simple as bringing in free cake once per week, or rewarding employees with vouchers or other items of monetary value.