How to launch a successful forex trading career: a guide

Foreign exchange trading is a popular activity for many, and the reasons are obvious. It’s a fun thing to do, for a start – and it’s also something that can make you some money. Getting started is often the hardest step to take though, and most traders begin their career with some trepidation given that the risks are just as high as the potential rewards.

There are, however, some ways to make the forex trading process easier. From ensuring that you have the resources you need to spending time thinking about the best strategy to use, there are plenty of ways to get your career off the ground. This article will help you get started.

Think about strategy

There are plenty of forex trading strategies out there, but not all strategies are created equal. The first thing to remember is that if someone’s strategy claims to make them guaranteed high rewards, it’s almost certainly either fraudulent or too good to be true – so use some common sense when hunting out your preferred strategies.

Perhaps the main strategic choice that you will have to make is whether or not to become what is known as a day trader or whether to trade for the longer term. In short, being a day trader means that you’ll place trades that begin and end on the same day. The advantage of day trading is that it lets you deal with each trade as it comes, and that you can price in specific market events such as interest rate changes. Forex scalping, meanwhile, means trying to profit from very short-term changes, such as minute by minute, and may well work provided you have the concentration skills, and a broker that permits it.

Find some resources

The forex trading world is really not like any other investment market, and it’s important to remember this if you’re a newbie. This is a market that operates in “pairs” rather than single assets: you speculate on whether the exchange rate of one specific currency is going to go up or down in proportion to the other. There are also specific market-moving events to think about, such as the impact of central banks deciding to change their interest rates: while this can cause market shifts in other markets too, it’s something that is quite specific to forex.

Getting your head around this is an important part of becoming a forex trader, as you can find yourself wasting time if you approach this market as you might approach, say, the stocks and shares markets. Looking online to find eBooks and tutorials in everything from using technical indicators to understanding the symbols on price charts can be a wise move. Joining some forums or private Facebook discussion groups that allow traders to share tips is also a wise move – so don’t be afraid to get out there and network, even if that’s through a screen.

Give yourself time

The forex markets are some of the largest in the global economy, and they can offer handsome rewards if they are approached in the correct way. However, you need to be sure that you are giving yourself the time and space to get it right. When you find a broker, for example, you may want to ask them if they have a demo account option available so that you can experiment with your trading strategies before you put them into practice. If at first you don’t succeed, don’t get disheartened: by reading further around the topic and by ensuring that you have a series of strategy opportunities in place, you’ll quickly be able to recalibrate.

Forex is a complicated beast, but it has retained its popularity as a speculative investment market of choice over the years. It provides traders with a chance to trade in a fast-moving, high-volume and potentially very profitable market. As a newbie to the foreign exchange trading scene, it’s important to prepare yourself. There’s nothing quite like reading to achieve this goal, whether that’s reading about strategies or simply about the fundamental basics of a currency’s price chart. And by speaking to other traders, giving yourself time and learning everything that you can about what moves these unusual markets, you’ll be able to ensure that you have a high chance of success.