How to Enhance Your Ecommerce Profits in 2020

Ecommerce may seem from the outside like an easy industry to get into, but it’s actually incredibly cutthroat and competitive, with hundreds and thousands of different businesses and platforms vying for the attention of internet users who tend to only visit the mainstream websites to perform their shopping.

Breaking into this saturated market can be difficult – but it’s far from impossible. In this short article, you’re going to learn how to enhance your profits, using industry knowledge to get your products seen and bought by more web users over time.

Use Mainstream Platforms

When you set out in ecommerce, you should always begin by hosting your products on other people’s websites. Usually, unless you operate within a niche that has its own mainstream website, you should be looking at the likes of Amazon, Google Marketplace, and eBay to shift your goods. It’s on these mainstream platforms that you’ll be able to make your name, establishing your brand for all to see, and getting those sales that will help you make the first inroads into your market. Stay determined, pay to boost your products, and wait for the sales to come in.


Now that you’ve got some followers through online sales on mainstream platforms, it’s time to convert those first-time customers into brand devotees. That can be done primarily through marketing. Whether you set up social media pages and offer discounts and other bonuses for the people who join, or you look to email marketing, sending personalized emails to all your existing customers, this is how you’ll build your brand further, encouraging repetitive messaging and brand recognition in order to persuade your customers to part with their cash again. They’ll also tell their friends – and increase your audience and customer base in the process.

Your Own Site

With some traction in the minds of your target audience, and with your ecommerce sales looking good, it’s time to make your own website, with your own brand. You can announce the website’s launch across your social media followers, and over email to all your customers. Open your online store with some fanfare by offering the first 100 products for free, or another exciting deal to get people accessing your site with excitement. And use your website to sell your products at the price point that you want, with high-quality photographs and descriptions to persuade site visitors to trade with you.

SEO Boost

Finally, no website is complete without the necessary SEO-boosting measures to help it climb up Google’s search results. Now that you’ve broken into the market, SEO work is how you’ll work on drawing in new customers who are looking for products like yours. It’s a period of consolidation for you, where you draw your customers from the wider realms of the internet, and not just from your social media following. You’ll find  that an SEO agency Birmingham will be able to quickly and effectively map out your SEO strategy to get your business firing on all cylinders in 2020.

There you have it: four booster tips to help you set up, maintain, and profit from your ecommerce business in 2020.