How to become a successful businessperson

If you are hoping to move into the higher levels of senior management at a company or are starting your own business, then you need to have the necessary skills to succeed. Those skills can be learned and perfected, and by taking action to develop the right attributes and qualities, you will soon become successful in your chosen career.

Whether you are making the transition now or are simply planning to improve for the future, it is something that is worth thinking about. Not only will it help your own business or the one you work for succeed but it will also help you develop as an individual.

Effective ways to become a respected businessperson

 If you are wondering just how to go about developing the basic skills needed, there are some great ideas available to help. The fundamentals are not that hard to grasp and most rely on common sense to help you succeed in business.

Here are some of the best tips to get you started.

  • Take inspiration from others – one great tip is to look at other successful global business people and draw inspiration from them. How do they act? How do they speak and stand? What methods do they adopt to stay on top of their game? By finding out such things you can take the ones that work for you and use them to your advantage. Evangelos Marinakis is one such successful global business figure who you could learn from in this way. If you have direct access to someone of his standing, then you could engage with them in person to get their advice on how to succeed in business.


  • Treat others with respect – running your own business is as much about how you deal with people as anything else. This will help you to retain loyal, committed staff and also help to build a positive image with the public. One of the major things any successful businessperson must do is treat others with respect and act with integrity. This will not only make others want to follow you but also ensure that you behave in an ethical way.


  • Know your stuff – any businessperson who wants to taste success must know their business and sector inside out. If you do not, then you will soon find yourself losing respect from staff who know more than you do. It will also mean that you make costly business decisions and lose out on opportunities to make money. Before you begin to move up the ladder or set up your own company get the real experience and qualifications that you will need.


  • Work hard and take responsibility – it is often said that good businessperson lead from the front and that is true. Working hard yourself not only sets an example to staff but also means you will get more done. Working harder and achieving more will naturally equate to better results over time and more success. While you do not want to let work take over your whole life, you do need to put the hours in to make things proceed as planned.


  • Get organised – if you look at any successful business people, from Lord Alan Sugar to Claude Littner, then you will find they are extremely organised. Get in the habit of making out daily or weekly to do lists and make sure you actually complete what is on them. Set up spreadsheets to track projects to see where things are. This kind of approach will mean that you always know what is happening in your business and will help to get projects completed.


  • Find the best talent to help – being a successful businessperson is also about getting the right help. No-one can be brilliant at everything, so it is vital to find the best staff to plug any gaps in your skill set. As the business grows then make sure you only hire the best people around to work in your team or for your company.

Keep an eye on the finances

All the above are great tips on what it takes to be a successful businessperson in the modern age. By taking them on board you will be well on the way to developing the traits needed to lead effectively. Of course, you should also remember that keeping an eye on your company’s finances is key! Make sure that cash flow and expenses in particular are top of your agenda to head off any trouble. If you do this and follow the other tips above, you will be well on the way to business success.