How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Yacht?

For anyone who loves travelling in luxury, owning a yacht is the ultimate dream. These days, even working from a yacht is a viable option, meaning that a life at sea before retirement is no longer just a far-fetched, romantic fantasy. However, those who are new to yachting or perhaps have only chartered may find the yacht-buying market confusing.

Not to worry, as we are here to answer all your questions. The price of yachts varies dramatically depending on style, size and age, so you’ll need to consider the yacht that best suits your requirements and budget. 

How much is a yacht for sale?

First, consider the size of yacht you’re looking for. A yacht, as opposed to a boat, is any pleasure vessel that’s over 10m in length, while superyachts start at 24m.  

What is the average price for a yacht?

The average price of a yacht is around €7 million, but this factors in all sizes and levels of luxury, making this figure artificially high. The reality is that yachts can start from around €30,000 and head upwards to well over €100 million. 

How much does it cost to buy a yacht under 24m?

Second-hand yachts in excellent condition such as a Beneteau First 31.7 or a Princess 30ds can be found for between €35,000 – €40,000, but you could pay €150,000 for an 11m sailing yacht, or as much as €300,000 for an Azimut Atlantis 34

Yachts of around 20 metres in length cost in the region of €1 – €1.5million and may reach up to €3.8million.

How much does it cost to buy a superyacht?

With superyachts, the sky’s the limit, with some stretching to well over 100m and featuring niche luxury amenities such as helicopters and helipads, swimming pools and spas, and private cinema rooms.

Superyachts of 26m – 30m which sleep between 8 – 10 guests vary from €950,000 for a classic sailing yacht, up to almost €7million for a Maiora motor yacht with four staterooms. 

Above 30m, expect to pay €3 – 5million for Benetti or Horizon motor yachts, or nearly €11m for a 32m Reale. The prices for a 37m superyacht vary dramatically, from €2.9m for an Akdeniz with five staterooms, to €10.5 for a Reale. 

Above 40m in length, expect to pay €13m for a Sunseeker sleeping 10 guests, or €16.3m for a Eurocraft with seven staterooms.

Above 50m a Hakvoort will set you back €21m, while a San Lorenzo sells for just over €32m. 

For the ultimate in luxury, you could part with €129m for a 85m Oceanco with nine staterooms, or €145m for the 88.5m superyacht Illusion Plus, which offers long range world cruising.

How much is a yacht for a day?

To sample the yachting lifestyle before you buy, consider chartering. A day’s charter from Monaco can be as little as €1,000 for a 10m Cranchi Yacht Zaffiro, or take 8 guests on a 16m Libertas for €4,750.  For €6,500 you could enjoy a 20m Azimut 66 S, or you could spend €21,600 on a 33m Majesty yacht with waterskiing, diving and wakeboarding equipment. 

The best way to go about finding your ideal yacht is through a reputable yacht broker with a wide portfolio of superyachts for sale. Their experienced team will help you navigate through the process of choosing and buying the yacht of your dreams.