How freelancers can have healthy client relationships

As a freelancer, it’s important you understand that work relies more on relationships than most other jobs. The longer clients stay with you, the more projects you will have to work on, and the more cash flows in for you.

A healthy and honest relationship with your clients is extremely important to the longevity of your business. The following tips will help ensure successful client relationships for you as a freelancer.

Outline deliverables and payment terms in your contract

If the terms and deliverables are not clearly outlined in the contract, there can be confusion between the freelancer and the client. This mix-up of expectations can create contractual disputes that may damage a relationship in its early stages after having worked together for years.

Working with clients on projects is much like dating; you want your client to have a good experience with you and continue to come back repeatedly, making you money! Setting clear terms and payment terms at the beginning helps your clients understand what they are getting into while creating a healthy relationship between you.

Ask questions and communicate effectively

Clients place a high premium on working with freelancers who are communicative and ask the right questions.

Having a healthy client relationship is built upon mutual trust and respect. As such, effective and efficient communication is key to having long-term relationships with your clients. Communication also helps to clarify each other’s expectations and even differences.

Stay close and  add a human touch to your business

As a freelancer, it’s critical to keep your clients happy and make them feel valued for future opportunities. Keep in touch with your clients frequently. Otherwise, they might forget that you exist and not think of you when they need additional work.

Also, having a strong human touch in your freelance business is essential to building trust, credibility, and greater profitability than can be achieved strictly online. A “thank you message” with a digital card or birthday wishes will do nothing but make your relationship with them stronger.

Set boundaries and keep to them

Establishing boundaries within the scope of the relationship can help a freelancer build a healthy client relationship.

If your client is someone you interact with routinely, it may be beneficial to set up ground rules for how they can contact you. Ideally, these rules should include respect for certain periods of time in which you choose not to be disturbed, whether for performance or personal reasons.

These types of boundaries allow for both parties to feel comfortable working together without fear of having their space invaded.

Step up your game  with professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance is vital for freelancers to build a healthy relationship with their clients. It protects your business and safeguards your clients from any risks that may occur. With this type of insurance, you’ll be fully covered for a range of issues where a client is has suffered as a result of your advice or business. Having this protection in place means that all parties involved can be covered.


The best way to become profitable as a freelancer is by developing positive client relationships. With healthy client relationships, you can build a long-term connection with companies that might even ensure you get more work in the future.