How finance students can improve their exam results

These days, decent jobs are not easy to find. In many well-paid industries, wages have fallen in real terms. However, some sectors buck that trend to some extent. Finance is one of them. It is still possible to earn a good wage working in the sector.

But, competition is fierce. Only those students with the best grades stand a chance of securing a job with a firm that offers a good rate of remuneration. Fortunately, there are lots of fairly easy ways for students to push their pass rate up by a few points. Marks that can turn a 2.1 into a first, a B into and A and make that person stand out just that little bit more from the crowd.

Use an academic proofreading service

Turning in a paper that is free from plagiarism and grammatically correct is vital. So, it is always worth employing someone like Scribbr to check and enhance your work. They use a combination of technology and human proofreaders to edit academic essays, papers and dissertations. Students who use their services know that the suggested edits will enhance their work and greatly improve their chances of securing a good pass mark.

Use the services of private tutors

Hiring a private tutor can greatly enhance any finance student´s chances of attaining a high pass mark. Of course, hiring one can be expensive. But, again that is usually money that is well-spent.

Besides which, most students will only need to hire one occasionally. Many tutors will happily work with someone for just a week or two to get them through a particularly difficult section of their course.

Teach others what you know

The Roman philosopher Seneca once said, “While we teach, we learn.” Modern-day research has shown him to be right. It turns out those pupils who teach others, score higher in tests. This is known as the protégé effect. It was first uncovered when scientists were trying to work out why many first-born children have higher IQs than their siblings. You can read about this effect, here.

Teaching others is a great way of cementing what a student knows. Each time they go over the material they are basically revising that subject. More importantly, explaining things to others also improves the teacher´s understanding and builds confidence.

Teaching can be done for free. Or, the student could charge a fee and re-invest those funds into getting a tutor to help them through those aspects of the course they are finding difficult.

Quickly putting into practice what you learn

Learning by doing is very effective. Students who take on part-time work in the financial sector grow their understanding of their subject. Volunteering is also a good way to gain experience. There are lots of not for profits whose professional accountants and other financial advisors are happy to play a part in training finance students.

The more of the above ideas a student puts into action the better their chances of securing a high pass mark become. However, for those students who do not have the time and resources to do them all, doing just one or two of them will still be beneficial.