How Can You Save More On Your Phone & Broadband?

An average UK household spends considerably on their phone and broadband bills every month which adds up to exorbitant costs by the end of the year. So, read on to know more about the expert tricks of making the optimum utilization of different phone and broadband deals plying the market:

  • One of the foremost ways of grabbing budget deals is being a smart shopper and carrying out comparative shopping. Both the broadband and phone market are highly comparative and you can research the offerings of different service providers. Scanning through the reviews left behind by past shoppers can help you gauge the best service provider that matches your budget. 
  • Mobile carrier companies often provide hefty discounts to their employees or offer the services at a corporate rate. If you are working with such an institution, then you should inquire about the different policies of reimbursement. Other companies also have policies in place to reimburse their employees the amount spent for work purposes. Self-employed businessmen can write off their landline, cell phone, or broadband bills while filing tax returns.  
  • If you wish to keep your mobile data usage limited, then you should make the most of public Wi-Fi channels. Phone data can be pretty expensive especially while uploading or downloading heavy files. You should be aware of the limits and be cautious about not exceeding the same. Cell phones from Apple, Samsung, and other companies offer a built-in feature wherein you can set data limits on a daily or monthly basis so that the same is not exceeded in any way. Applications like YouTube offer offline features wherein users can avail of its functionalities without using the internet. A great means of saving precious mobile data is downloading all playlists and podcasts when you are connected to public Wi-Fi. Different apps running on your iPhone and other handsets tend to use data by updating in the background. You can keep such data usage under control by disabling background data usage like auto-playing of video advertisements. 
  • We often make the mistake of getting distracted by top-shot carriers while their lesser-known peers can offer similar or even better services at a lesser cost.
  • Carriers offering no-contract options are the best ones as they don’t lock users into the contract and can be cancelled easily if you find a cheaper and better plan. The contract plans are infamous for levying a hefty cancelling fee on breaking the contract. At times people buy handsets with a phone plan for availing greater discounts. But these are mostly gimmicks and you have to pay for the handset throughout the contract which usually spans over 24 months. This should be avoided at all costs and you should make it a point to get a no-contract plan and a handset separately for greater savings. 
  • If you have become tired of the exorbitant broadband and phone bills, then you need to take a detailed look at its cost breakdown. Here you might be able to make out the additional services offered that are unnecessary. In the case of phone service, features like enhanced voicemail, unlimited data, emergency roadside assistance, etc. might not be required by all users. In such cases, you can opt for a separate plan from a different carrier. 
  • Numerous phone carriers offer a discount on the bill amount if you select automatic payments. This can sum up to substantial savings over time. 
  • But did you know that following some simple tips can help you bring massive savings which can be redirected to more demanding avenues like making your house’s down payment, travelling, or investing!


Both phone and broadband bills constitute an important part of our household budget. The above-mentioned suggestions can help cut down on the same. The market is filled with cheap deals whether you are searching for sim only or unlimited data plans. You just need to carefully browse through the same for finding the deal that suits your requirements in the best possible way.