HostMySite partners with Dropmysite

HostMySite said it will offer Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) powered by Dropmysite, a world leading cloud BaaS provider.

This service enables HostMySite customers to better safeguard their websites and databases from data loss.

In this unique collaboration, HostMySite and Dropmysite integrated each company´s individual control panels to ensure ease of use, automatic detection and configuration of website backups, allowing customers to set up backups and schedules within minutes. The end product also includes website monitoring, website performance reports and Safe Browsing services from Google.

HostMySite is a division of HOSTING, a leading provider of managed cloud services to a global customer base.

Dropmysite is a comprehensive service that lets you backup your website and databases – automatically and easily. Dropmysite is a leading Internet backup company with a focus on backing up Cloud data, such as websites, emails, databases, mobile devices and more.