Horizon connects Toronto branch library to high speed Internet

Patrons of the Toronto Branch of the Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County in Toronto, Ohio, now have access to high-speed Internet thanks to an innovative solution that connects the library to reliable, fast data, the company said.

Chillicothe-based Horizon Network Partners, a leading broadband and fiber optic data services provider, successfully completed the installation of a high speed data connection to the Toronto library in March by leveraging their world-class fiber-optic network and partnering to deploy cutting-edge wireless communications. As a result, library employees and patrons now have access to high speed data and Internet service that was previously unavailable.

Since 2010, Horizon Network Partners has been working with the library system to connect its six branch locations to a statewide, fiber optic data network that links together many of Ohio´s largest public universities and library systems. But, the Toronto library´s location in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, combined with its distance from a larger population center, made running fiber optic lines directly to the branch cost prohibitive. As a result, the Toronto library was the one location in the system that did not have access to high speed Internet or a high speed data connection to other branch locations.

Accepting that fiber optic lines could not be run to the library while meeting a price point that met the library´s budget, Horizon worked with its partners to deploy a robust network solution which runs on both lightning fast fiber-optic lines as well as high speed wireless communications. This innovative approach involved Horizon building out its fiber optic network to a tower nearby the Toronto library. The wireless partner then deployed its portion of the connection from the tower to the library, completing the end-to-end connection which allows the Toronto Branch to have nearly seven times the bandwidth it previously had.

With corporate offices in Chillicothe, Ohio, Horizon Network Partners is a leading broadband provider of advanced data services in southern and eastern Ohio. Utilizing its extensive network of fiber optic cable, Horizon delivers advanced high speed data services, Internet, voice, digital video, security and monitoring services.