Horizon Air Charter launches consultation services

Horizon Air Charter said it has launched its US-based operations to provide private global aircraft charters, the industry´s first monthly “Flight Equity” jet card (flyNEXT), a unique Corporate Cashback flight program (flyCORP), and aviation consultation services for everything from single charter trips to full aircraft ownership and management.

Horizon Air Charter rolls out the industry´s first monthly Flight Equity pay-as-you-go jet card program. The traditional jet card model requires an individual to pay USD50k-100K or more upfront for access to an hourly jet card. With the Horizon flyNEXT program, clients pay a nominal monthly fee from which they accrue Flight Equity (usable flight hours) to be used at their leisure. This model allows Horizon clients to pay for services as they require them.

In addition, Horizon´s flyCORP program benefits charter providers and allows corporate travel and Pt. 91 flight departments to earn unlimited cash back through their bookings, much like a mileage-rewards or cash-back credit card.