Hong Kong Airport installs sanitization pods to help prevent COVID-19 infection

Hong Kong Airport has announced it has installed full-body disinfecting booths to test on airport staff at Hong Kong International Airport, in an effort to help prevent coronavirus infection, the company said.

Employees will pass through an enclosed CleanTech pod for a 40-second sanitization. procedure.

The CLeanTech sanitization pods, which are full-body disinfection facilities that check a person´s temperature prior to entering (the door to the pod will only open if the person does not have an elevated fever) and then once inside apply a 40-second disinfection and sanitizing procedure.

The pods´ interiors use photocatalysis process as well as a sanitizing spray to kill viruses and bacteria on the body.

Currently, the booths are being used by airport staff who assess passengers for public health and quarantine purposes in what the airport described as a trial of the procedure.

The airport is also testing the efficacy of applying an antimicrobial coating–a spray that kills germs, bacteria, and viruses–to all high-touch surfaces in the terminal, including handles and seats of passenger buses and trains, at check-in kiosks and check-in counters, in restrooms, terminal seating areas, baggage claims, and on elevator buttons, among other places. The trial will run through May, after which airport authorities will decide whether to implement the sanitization procedures long term.