Hong Kong Airlines launches 'Embrace the World' programme

Hong Kong Airlines has launched the 2017/18 edition of “Embrace the World”, having held the annual Awards Presentation and Kick-off Ceremony, the company said.

The strong comeback of the student sponsorship scheme was reinforced by the unveiling of the airline´s inaugural Cadet Pilot Programme.

“Embrace the World” rewards students with outstanding achievements with free air tickets to give them the opportunity to travel and explore the world. So far, more than 2,000 students have benefitted from the programme.

This year, Hong Kong Airlines will sponsor 1,800 return air tickets across five categories: 1) Best Secondary School students; 2) Students with financial difficulties participating in overseas competitions; 3) Primary and secondary school study tours; 4) Kindergarten principals and teachers; as well as 5) Colleges and universities.