Honeywell's Primus Epic 2.0 gets certification

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) has received certification from the Federal Aviation Administration for the Primus Epic® 2.0 cockpit, which is making its debut on the Pilatus PC-24 Super Versatile Jet, the company said.

The system combines the latest in Honeywell´s cockpit technologies to provide pilots with the best flight experience and communication capabilities yet. Primus Epic 2.0 supports Honeywell´s SmartViewâ„¢ Synthetic Vision system and Honeywell´s Interactive Navigationâ„¢ to increase navigational performance and safety by identifying difficult terrain and efficiently redirecting flight paths.

The Primus Epic 2.0 integrated avionics system, formerly known as Primus APEX, is the latest evolution of the Primus cockpit family and is the foundation for the Advanced Cockpit Environment (ACEâ„¢) of the Pilatus PC-24 Super Versatile Jet. Designed in partnership with Pilatus, the ACE integrated flight deck powered by Honeywell´s Primus Epic 2.0 provides the PC-24 with a sophisticated combination of technology, features and capabilities, to provide the ultimate flight experience and capabilities for the pilot.

The cockpit environment includes a unique integration of aircraft systems, including safety sensors, navigation and terrain data information, to deliver greater safety and situational awareness. Primus Epic 2.0 operators also have the option of installing the industry´s latest flight solutions such as enhanced aircraft traffic surveillance, which makes it easier to fly visual approaches, and GoDirect Flight Services apps, which simplify the exchange of flight information between pilots, passengers and ground crews.

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