Holistic Labs launches IoT network analytics platform

Holistic Labs has launched the Digital Butler analytics platform with three complementary products built to address the needs of CE companies, service providers, and retailers serving customers at the point of sale, initial setup and ongoing support stages in the product lifecycle, the company said.

The modular platform with its intelligence distributed across the cloud and at the edge has been designed to ease implementation by customers and ODMs and supports phased adoption based on their needs.

The device agents support Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.´s control and automation platforms, including QCA4010, QCA4531 and QCA4020, Qualcomm® Mesh Networking Platforms, including IPQ4019, IPQ4028 and QCA9984, and the Qualcomm® Snapdragonâ„¢ 820 processor.

This streamlines integration and supports additional use cases on IoT hubs, routers and other devices using Qualcomm Technologies´ solutions and equipped with the Digital Butler´s platform.