HoldTight Solutions releases new product HT365

HoldTight Solutions Inc., one of the most trusted names for surface preparation in the coating industry, has announced the release of its latest product HT365, a new thin-film coating that can be applied to blasted surfaces, preserving the quality of the prepared surface and preventing flash rust and corrosion for up to one year, the company said.

This new product, featuring the latest nanotechnology advancements in corrosion prevention, is the latest in a series of product introductions that have fueled HoldTight´s growth in the surface preparation market.

HT365´s versatility and effectiveness set it apart from other corrosion prevention coatings, proving to lower maintenance costs and extend the life of metal surfaces.

HoldTight Solutions is recognized as the most trusted source for surface protection solutions for commercial, industrial, marine and offshore applications. Discover more at www.HoldTight.com or @holdtight102 on Twitter.