Hiya to help businesses improve customer relationships and drive higher contact rates

Hiya, the global provider of bringing trust and identity into the mobile call, has announced a new product that allows businesses to provide meaningful context into their calls to mobile customers, the company said.

Featuring business name, logo, location and reason for the call, the newly launched Hiya Connect helps companies improve contact rates and increase the quality of conversations with their customers.

With Hiya Connect, businesses are able to instill trust by providing identity and context at the first ring. This significantly increases call completion rates, customer satisfaction, and topline revenue.

Hiya Connect is currently deployed in 40+ countries via Hiya´s Android and iOS apps, and via the company´s partnership with Samsung. Hiya Connect requires no technical integration and can be up and running within minutes. For more information, visit: https://connect.hiya.com.

Hiya brings trust and identity into the mobile call by making the calling experience secure and engaging on every smartphone globally. With a mission to provide a better phone experience, Hiya´s products and services provide users with the context needed to help them decide whether or not to pick up their phone. For more information, visit https://hiya.com.