Hitron Launches 10G Fiber ONT/ONUs Products

Hitron Technologies, a DOCSIS customer premise equipment (CPE) manufacturer in North America, has announced the launch of its NOVA family of 10G fiber devices, the company said.

The 10G PON ONT/ONU solutions can deliver up to 10 Gbps downstream and 10 Gbps upstream, providing the ultra-high bandwidth needed for IPTV, HD and ultra-HD video on demand, cloud gaming, multi-Gigabit data, telecommuting, interactive applications, voice over IP and more.

The 10 Gigabit PON fiber interface is capable of supporting both EPON, XG-PON and XGS-PON. 10G PON gives service providers a compelling price/performance ratio. Because there´s no need to modify the Optical Distribution Network, 10G PON is a cost-effective upgrade. At the same time, it offers the ultra-high symmetrical bandwidth that allows providers to expand into more application scenarios and higher ARPU services.

In addition, Hitron´s NOVA ONUs support DOCSIS DPoE 2.0 (DOCIS Provisioning over EPON), which enables the ONU to look like a CMTS to a DOCSIS system. As a result, cable operators can migrate to fiber without the high cost of overhauling their existing DOCSIS provisioning, billing and management systems.

Hitron Technologies has shipped over 40 million DOCSIS units to customers worldwide. Hitron Technologies Americas Inc. is a subsidiary of Hitron Technologies and is based in Centennial, Colorado. To learn more about Hitron Technologies Americas, visit www.hitron-americas.com