hiSky, Israel Tractors & Equipment collaborate on satellite terminal on Cat Machines

Israeli satellite communications company hiSky Ltd. and Caterpillar´s Israeli dealer, Tractors & Equipment (ITE) Ltd., a part of Zoko Enterprises Group, will carry out a joint pilot program to integrate hiSky´s satellite terminal (the Smartellite) with the machines and vehicle platforms of the manufacturers represented by the Zoko Enterprises group in Israel, the companies said.

The program will explore the integration of the satellite terminal into the company´s platforms, to enable transmitting and receiving of data to control centers, location and data analysis, diagnostics, fuel consumption, data collection and processing, designation of assignments to platforms, remote data transmission and computer updates, via hiSky´s satellite communication system.

All of these functions will greatly benefit to the end-user and enable efficient fleet management. In addition, the system integration will enable the platform operator to make satellite phone calls and send messages.

One of the goals of the pilot program is to give Cat machines complete management capabilities, even in locations where there is no mobile coverage or in areas with limited mobile connectivity.

Cat machines are often operated at emergency situation sites, such as earthquakes and disaster-stricken areas, increasing the need for continuous communication, independent of wired or wireless infrastructure.

Through Cat existing EM (Equipment Management) system, its machines provide general data, production data, diagnostics and sophisticated analysis. The continuous communication between the platform and the EM system enables higher utilization of these machines, even in remote locations.

The joint pilot program will begin in the coming months.

hiSky has developed a portable satellite terminal that enables smartphones to interface with voice and data communications, via geostationary High Throughput Satellites. Working with these satellites enables a significant reduction in voice and data transfer rates. The hiSky Smartellite device will also meet the needs of the growing IoT market.