Highlights for Children launches mobile experience

Highlights for Children, Inc. has introduced its new interactive mobile experience, Highlights Every Day, the company said.

In today´s crowded digital landscape, Highlights Every Day offers the screen time kids crave, backed by the quality content parents have always trusted and expected from Highlights.

Created in partnership with Fingerprint, Highlights Every Day features classic Highlights “Fun with a Purpose” reimagined for growing digital consumption habits of children.

With kids´ screen time averaging more than four hours a day, parents are increasingly concerned about what their kids are doing with their devices. Highlights Every Day delivers high-quality content that´s both fascinating to kids and trusted by their parents. This content includes original videos and quizzes, engaging fiction and non-fiction, and fun puzzles that build skills and stretch young minds. Included, of course, is the iconic Hidden Pictures puzzle popularized by Highlights.

Highlights Every Day is available now via iTunes and Google Play, with a seven-day free trial.

Devoted to providing “Fun with a Purpose,” global family-media brand Highlights for Children, Inc. has helped kids become their best selves for generations. In addition to its flagship magazine (Highlights), the company´s other offerings include a preschool magazine (High Five), a bilingual magazine (High Five Bilingüe), an infant and toddler magazine (Hello), a children´s book company (Highlights Press, which includes Boyds Mills Press), puzzle book clubs and a variety of digital products.

Fingerprint is a global mobile technology company that powers games and curates play-and-learn content to targeted customers around the world through dedicated mobile networks.