Hibernia Networks launches IP Transit security upgrade

Hibernia Networks has introduced Border Gateway Protocol Flow Specification (BGP Flowspec) for its best-in-class global IP Transit services, the company said.

This new security capability is available immediately for all Hibernia Networks IP Transit customers.

BGP Flowspec provides network operators and enterprise customers a tool enabling them to more quickly address DDoS threats. The enhanced DDoS mitigation solution allows customers to save valuable time between the identification of an attack and the implementation of remediation schemes.

An additional advantage of this enhanced DDoS mitigation solution is that it does not require the complete shut-down of traffic that typically occurs when a “black-hole” response is applied, due to its ability to isolate specific IP addresses and remediate in a more targeted manner.

Hibernia Networks, a provider of global telecommunications services, owns and operates a global network serving more than 100 markets and spanning 25 countries.