Hiber named an Amazon Web Services' commercial startup launch of 2018

NewSpace´ startup Hiber was named as the Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) Commercial Startup Launch of 2018, the company said.

Hiber has launched its nano-satellite powered solution, which will be bringing IoT-connectivity to the 90% of the world currently lacking a network.

Hiber was selected by AWS out of 6000 other startups to launch its solution. Previous companies to be named with the prestigious title include Netflix, Pinterest and Airbnb.

Hiber (formerly Magnitude Space) is a so-called ´NewSpace´ startup. Founded and led by a dream team of satellite experts and tech entrepreneurs, these ´Hibernauts´ are literally working on a moonshoot goal: changing the world through better insights by launching and their own nano-satellite constellation in space. Each nano-satellite will be roughly the size of a large shoebox.