HexaTier releases new security platform

HexaTier, provider of a unified database security, has launched HexaTier 4.0, an update that focuses on enterprise needs for DBaaS adoption, while maintaining organizational policies and addressing the challenges and risks with database security and compliance, the company said.

New features in V4.0 include:

Extending Organizational Authentication to the Cloud: Lets organizations´ DBAs apply Active directory (AD) individual and group policies, enabling rapid user onboarding for cloud computing and DBaaS platform adoption initiatives. Allows organizations to extract the current AD policies to DBaaS instances.

Supports Enterprise-level Database Performance: Enables enterprise grade applications, internal and external users with proper access credentials to access databases simultaneously.

HexaTier´s software-based approach utilizes a patented Database Reverse Proxy technology, overcoming the limitations of competing solutions through its architecture-agnosticism, advanced management, and faster performance for securing cloud-hosted and DBaaS database instances.

Established in 2009, HexaTier (formerly GreenSQL) supplies a unified solution that provides database security, dynamic data masking, database activity monitoring (DAM) and discovery of sensitive data. Headquartered in Tel Aviv with offices in Irvine, CA and Boston, Massachusetts, HexaTier secures databases for nearly 200 organizations globally.