HES Energy launches HYCOPTER multi-rotor drone

HES Energy Systems has announced it has launched HYCOPTER, an industrial-grade multi-rotor drone designed for large-scale industrial maintenance inspections, the company said.

HES has a long-standing reputation for producing the world´s lightest and most compact fuel cell systems, which can be as much as 5 times lighter than lithium batteries. Following a first world distance record set in the US by a NASA-backed team from OSU over 10 years ago, HES has been pushing the limits its energy storage technology increasingly further, working from Singapore on various UAV programs and with leading aerospace institutions around the world.

Named HYCOPTER, the resulting hydrogen multi-rotor system will now be able to keep precision cameras and other sensors in the air for much longer, opening up new commercial use cases while reducing operational costs for service providers. HYCOPTER was designed in Austin, Texas where a local production base is being set up.