Helsinki Airport introduces multiple aircraft ramp system

Helsinki Airport has announced that with two passenger bridges, its multiple aircraft ramp system (MARS) can accommodate two small planes or a single wide-body aircraft through which passengers pass to two jet bridges, the company said.

The new double passenger bridge solution, introduced this autumn in Helsinki Airport´s new West Pier, will significantly decrease the need for apron buses. The solution provides flexibility for port use in the non-Schengen area, which serves long-haul flights and, for example, UK and Russian flights.

The new solution has been designed and is being developed in cooperation with airlines and ground handlers who are responsible for attaching the jet bridges to the planes and boarding passengers.

For small aircraft, airlines use these gates just like before. For large planes, they have the choice of using one or two bridges for boarding. If a wide-bodied aircraft is boarded through two tunnels, it may require airlines to take on another staff member, which means alterations in their processes.

All new spots at the South and West Piers have can accommodate a two-bridge solution, but deployment will depend on how much a double-bridge solution is needed. The airport believes that the solution is win-win. In general, passengers like to board and deboard through bridges rather than buses, and the airline and airport processes also speed up.