Helping People through Investment

If you are looking for an ethical way of investing your money, then look no further. Investment funds have sprung up in the recent past that allow investors to pool their money into funds with good prospects of successful returns that will also have a charitable by-product: making a difference for people all over the world by supporting a better health environment for everyone.

Investment into the health sector is the keyword. One of those funds dealing exclusively with investment into the healthcare sector is Allele. The fund was established in 2011 by Gail Lese and Cherie Blair. Both women have a well-documented track record of volunteerism and involvement in health issues that make them believable figure heads for a fund that aims to channel money into a sector that can ultimately benefit all. Moreover, particularly Lese has a close understanding of healthcare needs within an economic and business setting: As a trained doctor, Lese not only practiced as a paedeatrician in the United States but she also led the Fidelity Select Food and Agriculture Portfolio to outstanding success in her second career as a portfolio manager.

The Allele fund is a private equity fund. As such it invests in healthcare and technology companies in the medical sector which have a prospect of high growth – and good return.

“The outlook for the [health] sector couldn’t be stronger; driven by an ageing demographic in the UK, greater demand from consumers towards convenience and accessibility, combined with an increasing emphasis on health and wellbeing,” says Lese.

With a team of portfolio executives behind her who work with international healthcare businesses in order to steer them to success, the fund is not only interested in bringing in returns of investment for their investors, but to also make a difference globally:

“We invest in unmet need areas and in underserved markets with recurring demand.  We are driven by, and committed to, helping people.  We keep this at our heart.”