HEISHA introduces pilot-free VTOL fixed wing system

China-based HEISHA has announced it has launched D.NEST F300, the new unattended system, the company said.

D.NEST F300, combined the auto-charging station C300 with VTOL fixed wing, which is expected to revolutionize how drones are used in daily life, and can be used for farm/pasture/privacy land inspection. Heisha also released D.NEST D300 and D.NEST S300 (USD 1999) for small areas, which based on other open source drones.

D.NEST is an agnostic drone, which is compatible with all major drone hardware platforms such as DJI, Ardupilot, Yuneec, and PX4. The charging pad´s locking mechanism keeps the UAV safe and stable while being charged. D.NEST offers standard API that is also hardware-agnostic, scalable and seamless to integrate.

HEISHA is a technology-driven company, focuses on creating products with true value to daily life through advancing science and technology.