HD-PLC Compatible LonMark Standard Gets ANSI/CTA Approvals

HD-PLC Alliance has announced that the LonMark standard adopting High-definition Power Line Communication (HD-PLC) was approved by ANSI*3 as American National Standard (ANS), ANSI/CTA 709.8 LON HD-PLC, the company said.

LonMark International adopted HD-PLC in 2017, enabling communication at tens of mbps, as one of its communication methods and promoted it for standardization at ANSI/CTA. Standard has now been approved.

Compared to the conventional low-speed PLC, HD-PLC enables high-speed communication and can cover a range of several kilometers with the multi-hop function. Thus, it can increase the speed and the coverage of conventional LonMark compatible systems.

The HD-PLC Alliance began collaborating with LONMARK JAPAN *7 last year.

The HD-PLC Alliance will continuously work with LonMark and other industrial standards setting organizations to improve the environment for communication compatibility certification.