Hawkeye launches free business aircraft productivity calculator

Hawkeye Aircraft Acquisitions LLC, a private aviation consulting firm, has launched a free web-based Business Aircraft Productivity Calculator to help individuals and companies determine the time savings and value a business aircraft can provide over commercial airlines, the company said.

The tool was designed to provide a high level overview of the hours, productivity, and the value of time saved.

Taking less than 5 minutes to complete, users are able to select travel destinations and pick from three different aircraft types; super-mid, large, and “My Aircraft”, resulting in block speeds and hourly operating costs based on the selected criteria. When choosing “My Aircraft” users are able to provide their own block speed and operating costs to allow for a more accurate analysis of the costs of their own aircraft, charter, or a fractional share.

Additional features include the ability to input ground travel time for the nearest airport serviced by commercial airlines as well as links to look up current commercial airfare for the inputted trip.

For the value of the time saved, users input salary ranges for C- Level executives and upper management employees. The tool then calculates common productivity factors from NBAA and No Plan No Gain reports to determine a value for the time saved when using a business aircraft.

Hawkeye Aircraft Acquisitions (HAA) is a boutique aviation consulting company. HAA was created to provide an easier and more productive method to evaluate complex aviation solutions. Through application of resources, data, and industry expertise, the company identifies the best solutions. Services include aircraft acquisitions, marketing, fleet planning, ASA certified appraisal services, and general aviation consulting services.