HawkEye 360 expands management team

HawkEye 360, Inc. has added two executives to the leadership team as the technology company accelerates development of its space-based radio-frequency (RF) mapping and analytics system for use by commercial enterprises and governments, the company said.

Russ Matijevich is spearheading business and product development initiatives as HawkEye´s Vice President of Sales, while Rob Rainhart is joining as Vice President of Engineering. Both executives bring decades of experience working in the space, satellite and aeronautics industries for US federal government and commercial entities, including the US Air Force.

HawkEye 360 is developing a new technology solution that uses constellations of small satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO) to make it easier for governments and enterprises to monitor global transportation networks across air, land and sea, and assist with emergencies with greater precision and efficacy.

HawkEye 360 is developing a constellation of small satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO) to generate reports on wireless signals that can be used to track and monitor global transportation networks, assist with emergencies, as well as other data analytics services.

The company seeks to provide highly accurate maritime situational awareness, collecting information about vessels to create a wealth of current and historical data useful for commercial planning and monitoring, as well as emergency response.

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