Hawaiian Airlines to transform aircraft seat fabric into fashion

When Hawaiian Airlines rejuvenated the cabin of its Boeing B717 aircraft earlier this year with modern, lightweight seats, the carrier was left with a puzzling dilemma: What to do with the old seats?

Hawaiian´s innovative solution will be on display to the public starting Friday at HONOLULU Fashion Week, when stylish garments and accessories made from the seat fabric will be unveiled in an exciting exhibit.

Graduates of Honolulu Community College´s (HonCC) Fashion Technology Program and participating designers from The Cut Collective + Creative Lab´s Fashion Immersive Program welcomed the airline´s “Cabin[to]Couture” project as a platform to showcase their skills using exclusive seat materials.

“I got a call from Hawaiian Airlines asking if we had any students or alumni that could do an upcycle challenge, and I thought, with what? They explained that student designers would be given first and coach class seat covers to create wearable clothing,” said Joy Nagaue, professor of the Fashion Technology Program at Honolulu Community College. “I accepted – our students can do anything! I´m overjoyed they´ve been given this great opportunity.”

Seven designers were asked to create wearable fashion and accessories from 19 First Class and 23 Main Cabin seats and headrests. The designers´ inspiration range from the early looks of flight attendants to intricate shapes within the seats themselves.

Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. is a subsidiary of Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: HA).