Hasso Plattner Institute tracks 35 million pieces of stolen identity data

In special Internet forums, German Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) security researchers have tracked down nearly 35 million pieces of stolen identity data this year, the company said.

Cyber criminals had published the data in 15 cases, thus making it available for possible further illegal activities.

HPI director Prof. Christoph Meinel stated that anyone can use the Institute´s “Identity Leak Checker” to check if his or her personal identity data has been affected. By entering an email address at https://sec.hpi.de/ilc it is possible to find out immediately, after a comparison has been made, whether the address has been disclosed in connection with other personal data (e.g., passwords or bank account numbers).

Since the launch of the service in May 2014, to date approximately 1.7 million visitors have made use of the HPI Identity Leak Checker. Up to now, 160,000 warning messages informing visitors about published identity data have been sent.