Happiest Minds Technologies launches cyber risk protection platform (CRPP)

Happiest Minds Technologies has launched its cyber risk protection platform (CRPP), which can help organizations continue to be competitive in a digital world, while staying within acceptable levels of cyber risk, the company said.

The company said remote users, growth of data and devices, cloud infrastructure and consumerization are driving growth and advances, but adding risk. CRPP was designed to help enterprises navigate the environment more safely.

CRPP leverages multiple technologies working in tandem to address cyber security risks through the entire threat defense lifecycle: detection, protection and prevention. CRPP integrates automation, analytics and correlation across multiple domains of security.

Happiest Minds Technologies is a next generation digital transformation, infrastructure, security and product engineering services company. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Happiest Minds has operations in the US, UK, Singapore and Australia and has secured USD52.5 million Series-A funding. Its investors are JPMorgan Private Equity Group, Intel Capital and Ashok Soota.