Half of server units will ship to Cloud by 2017

Dell´Oro Group has published a report that found momentum to cloud adoption has accelerated, leading experts to believe macro-economic uncertainty and Brexit will accelerate cloud adoption, the company said.

The company said diversity of cloud offerings is increasing and barriers for cloud adoption are being removed. The number of connected devices is creating more data that needs to be processed, and by 2017, it expects half of all server units will ship to the Cloud.

Dell´Oro Group said it believes macro-economic uncertainty following Britain´s exit from the European Union will accelerate workload migration to the Cloud as enterprises will likely favor a consumption-oriented usage model of OPEX to satisfy additional needs for IT equipment and resources.

The Dell´Oro Group is a market research firm that specializes in analysis in the telecommunications, networks and data center IT markets. The company´s Server 5-Year Forecast Report offers coverage of the server market.