Hale Capital invests USD 4.5m in Tangram Flex

Tangram Flex, Inc. systems engineering company has announced it has received a USD 4.5 million investment from Hale Capital Partners, the company said.

Tangram is a spinout from Galois, Inc., and is the provider of AI-based software development tools focused on cyber assurance and resilience of the nation´s most critical systems.

The investment in Tangram Flex continues Hale Capital´s focus both on corporate spin-outs and on supporting companies that provide critical and innovative technology to help the US Government advance national security.

Tangram´s software provides operational assurance and cyber-resilience for mission-critical embedded systems used in aircraft, missiles, and many other US defense systems.

The Tangram technology is based on decades of research and innovation, supported by the US Department of Defense, in creating provably safe embedded systems and systems of systems architectures.

Hale Capital Partners partners with entrepreneurs to achieve corporate transformations.

Tangram Flex modernizes systems engineering with flexible and precise integration of components for re-use across cyber-physical systems.