Hainan Airlines to be first user of Honeywell GoDirect maintenance service

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) has signed an agreement for Hainan Airlines (HNA) to become the first airline to use Honeywell´s GoDirect Maintenance Service program, which uses connectivity and data analytics to improve maintenance operations and reduce equipment downtime, the company said.

HNA´s current fleet of more than 50 Airbus A330s will be outfitted with Honeywell´s Connected Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) predictive maintenance service to improve fleet availability by identifying potential mechanical issues or failures before they happen.

Honeywell will also outfit HNA´s future fleet of more than 40 A330s with the same service, totaling more than 90 A330s using this Honeywell GoDirect Maintenance Service.

As part of its suite of Connected Aircraft Services, Honeywell´s GoDirect Maintenance Services program will help airlines ensure on-time departures, manage unscheduled maintenance, and provide a better experience for passengers.

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