Hainan Airlines, BBC Global agree to commercial partnership

China-based Hainan Airlines has announced it has signed a new deal to strike a commercial partnership with BBC Global News for BBC´s content marketing division to produce digital and video content for Hainan, the company said.

BBC StoryWorks, a BBC Global News division, will create content to mark the launch of Hainan´s new route and the beauty of its destinations.

BBC World News and BBC.com, the BBC´s commercially funded international 24-hour English news platforms, are owned and operated by BBC Global News Ltd. BBC World News television is available in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, and over 454 million households and 3 million hotel rooms. T

Hainan Airlines has actively joined other players in the civil aviation sector to support the development of the country while focusing on developing the international aviation markets for Chinese new hub cities.