Guestlogix releases new commerce platform

Guestlogix, the global provider of airline commerce technology and a pioneer in onboard retailing and ancillary revenue generation, has officially released a new airline commerce platform to help carriers “consumerize” passenger experience, and generate their highest ancillary revenues throughout the “day of travel” — before, during and after the flight, the company said.

The airline commerce platform has three major components: flight attendant point-of-sale app, management console and passenger mobile app. Its ability to gather, analyze and use passenger data for retail sales and marketing is entirely new to the airline industry, where only 7.5% of passengers make onboard purchases — a conversion rate that has not improved in years, despite higher ancillary revenues overall (largely from fare unbundling).

Currently, onboard sales are still largely dependent on legacy point-of-sale (POS) devices that were built to process orders and payments, but largely disconnected from any passenger systems. This is backward and inconvenient for passengers increasingly accustomed to doing everything — from hailing an Uber to ordering pizza — on a mobile app or voice-controlled device.

The airline commerce platform transforms passenger experience by making it easy and attractive (through mobile devices) to browse ancillary merchandise. Airlines are sitting on a goldmine of customer data but are missing the “front line” technology needed to translate data into business intelligence, and put it to use throughout the day of travel for more selling opportunities and higher revenues.

Built on the rails of the best on-the-ground e-commerce technologies that include passenger analytics and product mix optimization, data-driven sales and marketing tools and comprehensive payment functionality, the Guestlogix airline commerce platform enables airlines to increase ancillary revenue through an integrated, data-driven and customer-centric approach to onboard retail. Combining passenger-level data with an intelligent, “big data” analysis layer and integrations with airlines´ operational systems including loyalty, ERP, booking and departure control, the SaaS-based platform enables airlines to create a stress-free travel experience for their passengers. Visit to learn more.