GUE Tech offers in-flight home gaming experience

UK-based in-flight entertainment provider IFE Services´ games partner GUE Tech said it has launched a new games catalogue for current and future IFE systems at Apex Expo 2013.

The Miami-based in-flight games specialist has around 60 new games available for current and future IFE systems. The company is promising to bring a long overdue home gaming experience to the skies that will delight airline passengers of all ages.

For airlines investing in the next generation of Android (NASDAQ: GOOG) platform IFE systems, GUE Tech can offer smash hit titles on iPad (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Android such as Cut the Rope, Subway Surfer, Ski Safari, Myst and Shadowgun.

GUE Tech is the only IFE games vendor to offer multiple Google´s Choice´ titles such as Bard´s Tale and Broken Sword. The company is also offering updated classics such as Slydris, Sudoku Logic, Wordary and Little Things Forever.

For current IFE systems, GUE Tech is releasing even more brilliant titles from the PC and gaming console platforms – iconic titles such as Myst, Riven, Wasteland, Choplifter, Gothic and The Raven.

With these new titles GUE Tech said it now has a catalogue of 220 IFE games for airlines wanting to introduce a top quality gaming package on-board or those wishing to upgrade their existing games package.

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