Guangzhou hosts aviation and globalization dialogue at 2018 World Routes 2018 Development Forum

China-based Guangzhou has announced it plans to host a global dialogue on aviation at the 24th World Route Development Forum beginning September 16, the company said.

The World Route Development Forum has been held in major international cities like London, Berlin, Dubai. Guangzhou is the third Chinese city to host the event after Beijing and Chengdu.

The number of participants this year is expected to hit a record high. According to Zhang Kejian, president of Guangdong Airport Authority, organizer of the event, more than 3,200 representatives from airlines, airport administrative organizations, government and tourism agencies across some 110 countries, will gather in the city to discuss on ways to formulate a new blueprint for the global aviation industry.

As China´s southern gate to the world, Guangzhou also plays an indispensable role in global trade and international exchanges. For the past 2,200 years and more, Guangzhou has been increasing its connectivity with the world.

As one of the national airport economy demonstration zones, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport will witness an output value of the aviation and relevant industries over 100 billion RMB by 2025, as the Terminal 3 and the fourth and fifth runways at the airport will have been basically completed with a comprehensive transportation system at the demonstration zone established.

Guangzhou´s Baiyun Airport will launch another 30 international routes within three years. As one of China´s three largest international aviation hubs, it is designated as an integral part for the Belt and Road Initiative, connecting to 48 cities in 29 countries along the routes.

Focusing on better facilitating investment and trade, enhancing innovation cooperation among scientific and technological talents, and promoting cultural exchange as well as other key areas, Guangzhou is actively playing the role of international aviation, shipping, and scientific and technological innovation hub, and contributes wisdom to the development of the world aviation industry and the progress of globalization.